The project of the Cultural and Museum Centre of the University of Liège is led by Professor Jean Winand, First Vice-Rector.

The General Assembly includes all the teams of the museums and university collections. It meets twice a year, to keep all the staff well informed, as well as to encourage collaboration and cross-disciplinary projects.

The Operational Committee or Steering Committee is made up of the heads of the collections and the knowledge-sharing structures. It meets on a monthly basis to deal with all the projects and to take the necessary joint decisions.

The Bureau is composed of six members of the Operational Committee who prepare the files for the Committee, manage the day-to-day business and follow up on the decisions taken. They meet on a weekly basis.

The International Scientific Committee is composed of experts in the field. Its mission  is to advise the Centre in its general strategy, to give it a ­unique position that will enable it to be known and recognised in the network of ­university museums and to strengthen collaborations at the international level.

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