The University of Liège's Cultural and Museum Centre promotes partnerships with the political and cultural players around it. It also intends to develop its collaborations in the European and international space. Such partnerships allow for the networking of actors and a perspective on the issues at stake.

A Framework Agreement with the City of Liege

The City of Liège and the University of Liège have concluded a framework agreement aimed at structuring and developing collaboration between their museums and their museum collections. The artistic and scientific collections of the City and the University represent an exceptional cultural heritage, rich in hundreds of thousands of pieces and works, covering an extremely wide and diversified range of fields (modern and contemporary art, religious art, Mosan art, decorative arts, weapons, archaeology, human and veterinary medical sciences, techniques, botany, zoology, mineralogy, palaeontology, papyrology, etc.). These witnesses of natural or human activities are all material traces to be preserved, inventoried, studied and developed. These works and pieces can also be the source of new projects (museum, educational, scientific, etc.) aimed at the general public, researchers, schools and students.

The collections of the museums of the City of Liege represent nearly 200,000 conserved works, of which more than 150 are listed as "treasures" by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. More than 200 works and collections of ULiège are also recognised as "treasures".

Sharing Tools with the Province of Liege

The University of Liège, along with other institutions, is joining forces with the Province to benefit from a common collection management software. In addition to providing ULiège's collection managers with an effective tool, this partnership brings together numerous collections in a common database. Thus, the University collections will enjoy greater visibility and accessibility.

Partnerships in Liege, Belgium and Abroad

Numerous collaborations and partnerships are being created in Liege, notably with the main cultural institutions, but also throughout Belgium.

For its part, the Centre's Scientific Committee  enables it to integrate international museum networks and to strengthen and diversify its collaborations.

The followings are already associated with the Museum and Cultural Centre

- The Trinkhall Muséum (head : Carl Havelange)

- The Musée de Mariemont (head : Richard Veymiers)

- The Phare, Andenne (head: Mélanie Cornélis)

- The Centre Henri Pousseur (head: Stijn Boeve)

- The Théâtre de Liège (head: Serge Rangoni)

- The  UNESCO ULiège Chair  (holder : Jean Winand)

- ...

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