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World Endangered Species Day

Animations and closing of the "Créatures EXTRAordinaires" exhibition


Saturday, May 11, 2024
Aquarium-Muséum Universitaire de Liège
Quai Edouard Van Beneden, 22
4020 Liège
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From 1pm to 5pm
These activities are included in the admission price : between 13€ and 8€ (free for children aged 0-5)

As part of World Endangered Species Day, the Aquarium-Muséum team invites you to discover a number of specimens through a variety of activities. What are the different causes that endanger their existence, and what can be done about it?

There are currently 44,000 species threatened with extinction. Amphibians are particularly hard hit, accounting for 41% of threatened species. This group of animals, which lives part of their lives in water and part on land, is therefore particularly at risk. This day is an opportunity to learn more about certain species and to understand why they are threatened.

As for insects, we're also seeing a marked decline. Remember your windscreen, on the road on vacation, stained with crushed insects? Is this still the case today? The quantity is smaller, isn't it? Our scientific mediators invite you to take a closer look at a butterfly's wing, a close-up of a fly's eyes, a grasshopper's legs... how important are insects to the environment, and what simple steps can you take to help preserve them?

Note that 26% of endangered species are mammals!
Let's talk about the pangolin, which gained notoriety in 2020, in spite of itself: this animal is the only mammal - a group characterized, among other things, by the presence of hair - to have scales, which are highly coveted. Did you know that its existence is threatened by poaching? Let's discover this strange animal that it's high time we protected.

Let's also talk about a very different species from the pangolin, whose fate is strangely similar: the hawksbill turtle. It is one of the most endangered reptiles on the planet, and is critically endangered. The reason? It has long been hunted for its scales. Compare its scales with those of the pangolin, observe its carapace and skeleton and understand how these animals have adapted to life in the water, on land or in between.

This day is also an opportunity to discover the actions we are taking at our own level, to help species in difficulty, such as the green tree frog in Wallonia or the little owl. Every gesture counts, and together we can work to reverse the decline in biodiversity.

Are you concerned about endangered species? Join our scientific mediators on Saturday May 11 in the "Créatures EXTRAordinaires" exhibition. Ask questions, observe and take part in the activities!


Last weekend to visit the "Créatures EXTRAordinaires: des mythes à la réalité, de la réalité aux mythes" exhibition.

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